Preamble Note for the Undertaking of ‘Bi-Decadal Impacts Gazette-Sheet©’

We live in a time and age where everything is watched, witnessed and marked for its all 360 ins and outs. Every now and then is beheld for its varying but all-inclusive whys and wherefores. Any situation and state of affairs in the due course, ultimately come up all from all of the 360 angles amidst the manifold surrounds of cyber world’s information era. Hence, the diversity of as well as variability in, approaches and perspectives extends in identical and equal ranges likewise. All of these ‘ins and outs’ along with the ‘whys and wherefores’ encompass certain cohesive impacts holding a fairly integrated nature - the value of which directly corresponds to the resultant state of affairs in somewhat an inter-fringed, intermingled and rather a necessarily interwoven way. Impact has a definition, a description and a characterizable demarcation. Simply viewed, it is - a distinct effect, an influence or an imprint of something that another thing, object or situation accepts, bears, obtains or holds—hence the impression and expression that the word ‘impact’ carries so far, has reasonably many other connotations and denotations. Lexicographers demonstrate different meanings in which the word ‘Impact’ can convey, deliver and reflect. The synonymy of effect, influence or consequence-magnitude does not necessarily mean that these words have the same meaning that can easily be isolated from the counterparts of other descriptions. Media, for its “sponsored glamorization technologies” use to exploit the marginal meanings of ‘impact’ to serve their purposes.

Rationale for the Demarcations

Bombarded by the media-propelled misleading information, and ‘over-glamorization’ of their pre-envisaged tailor-made ‘false-flags’ the innocent audience is essentially captivated and detained in the penitentiaries of indistinct slipups. These mind- captivations cause a perpetual distortion for a simple grasp. The perpetual mechanism of these distortions is made-up by the “fabricated impacts responsible for bringing up the cosmetic changes’. All this undoubtedly, seems to touch the firmament skies, but still we’ve to keep our eyes vigilant as well as remain opened for the ray of hope. Amidst these perpetuated distortions, an attempt has been made to confront this fabricated glamorization and to realize the reality. A breakdown enquiry summation titled ‘Bi-Decadal Impacts Gazette-Sheet©’ has been accumulated to hallmark the real impacts. Instead of showcasing the propaganda-blown balloons the gazette sheet is destined to define, delineate and determine the real impact value and endeavoring to chronicle it on the stringent criterions.

Here is the Impact of “Person/ Object of the Decade” All-about:

In the very perspectives and premised sense of what concerns here in connection to the task on hands – i.e. chronicling the real impacts in the opening bidecadal span of 21st century– the ‘impact value’ can be characterized and elegantly put as:

“The value of an intact reflection of someone, something, some idea or some happening that happened to be responsible for leaving an impression through a categorical mirror determining the scale as well as describing the volume, grade and extent of that impression coupled with the corresponding effect it has had during the bi-pronged course of the 21st century’s as well as the new millennium’s rising decades - upon occurrences, happenings, people, thoughts, feelings, trends, disciplines, cultures, successes, failures and the intents".

‘Impact Hallmarks’© is a web based cyber disposition of the schema-view and the findings’ crux of ‘Bi-Decadal Impacts Gazette-Sheet’©. It is stringently merit-bound to hallmark the ‘real impact value’, and therefore, is resolutely intended to bring forth such a determined and resolute mirror of how the bidecadal round-up of 2000’s and 2010’s symbolizes the real impacts that are responsible for changing the course of events and the sequence of ‘means and measures’ in different walks of life.

Since we’re prompting and entering the last terminal hours of 2020, the ‘Impact Hallmarks’[IH]© website invites and encourages the readers to convey the impression they carry with reference to the last 20 years of the new millennium.

With the core-ethos and the crest-resolute emblem of IH©, “valuing the impact value©”, the IH team has tried to shortlist an assortment of people, objects, happenings, resolutions, movements, events, ideas and endeavors based on twenty themes and categories. The proceedings and measures employed for shortlisting were bound to the stringent and inflexible criteria of the ‘reference value’ of the object, entity, idea or endeavor under consideration.

Summing up of two decades with best possible competency, methodical rectitude and unbending intellectual honesty was never ever an easy task. Nor it turned to be as soft a target as apparently it seemed to be. Broad-based screening, careful analysis, vigilant assessment and due appreciation of millions of people and billions of events remained in the ‘never ever’ possibilities for a small number of volunteer reviewers, especially in the multiple scenarios under consideration. A selection team of 132 nonaligned neutral assessors including 75 self-determining nonpartisan researchers and peripheral observers laid, retained and furnished the criterions of shortlisting based on twenty themes in different categories.

The finalists are the qualified contenders from well over 190 countries across the continents of the globe. The shortlisted nominees for the titles ‘Person of the Decade’ as well as the ‘Person of Bidecadal Impact’ are selected from over 1.6 million individuals featured and profiled in internationally recognized substantial records including the authenticated reference indexes, institutional directories, the satellite imageries outpost records, web almanacs, Who ’s Who registries from the US, Canada, UK, biographical annals, global news reportages and fact-based cyber archives.

Based upon the IH© criterions and chosen by the opinion poll, the final titles of the two decades reflecting and symbolizing the “bidecadal impactfullness” are scheduled to be revealed by January, 2021.

Virtuous research by the team of Impact Hallmarks[IH]© revealed a tenet-code that— the people who are impactful to the extents of decades, actually carve out the "avenues to be impactful". They are, in fact, the true patrons of change – the real markers to symbolize the paradigm shifts!

With our core-ethos and the crest-resolute emblem, “valuing the impact value©”, let’s move to choose our titles of the two decades of 21st century.

IH© ‘Impact Value’ Schema-approach:

IH© ‘Impact Value’ is the collective/ holistic summative aggregate of the below cited constituents and component-facets that have been systematically determined, thoroughly acquiesced, methodically ratified and pedantically embraced all over the Bi-Decadal Impact Gazette©:

Intrinsic Impact Value—10

Generic Impact Value—7.0

Field Impact Value—3.0

Paradigm Impact Value—10

Sequential Impact Value—2.0

Cross-sectional Impact Value —2.0

Cross-boundary Impact Value—5.0

Base Impact Value—2.5

Longitudinal Impact Value—1.5

Cumulative Impact Value—3.5

Vertical Impact Value—1.0

Horizontal Impact Value—1.0

Pattern Impact Value—1.5

Impact Value Entirety—50

The Unanimous Accords of Bi-decadal Titles


The results of the second round-up comprising the bi-decadal opinion poll for 'Person/ Object of the Decade' have been processed and are scheduled to be aired by 12:00 PM (UK-UCT), 1/28/2021, and the 'Domino Effect Verdict' thereupon, can shortly be viewed here.

Persons/ Groups under Considerations

  • Ban Ki Moon—Former UN Sec. Gen (South Korea)----Impact Value = 38.1---Decade 2010-2020
  • Bilquis Edhi–Patron Philanthropist, Benevolent Humanitarian (Pakistan)----Impact Value = 39.6--- Bi-Decadal 2000-2020
  • Engin Altan Düzyatan Television Actor, World Celebrity (Turkey) ----Impact Value = 37.6--- Decade 2010-2020
  • François Englert– Scientist, Discoverer (Belgium)----Impact Value = 39.1--- Decade 2010-2020
  • Fritjof Capra– Scientist, Thinker, Philosopher, Theorizer, Polymath (US)----Impact Value = 39.4--- Bi-Decadal 2000-2020
  • Graca Machel —An advocate of women & children rights (Mozambique) ----Impact Value = 39.6--- Bi-Decadal 2000-2020
  • Greta Thunberg –The Youngest Climate Activist (Sweden)----Impact Value = 37.2---Decade 2010-2020
  • Jacinda Ardern— 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand (New Zealand) ----Impact Value = 38.9--- Decade 2010-2020
  • Kofi Annan—Former UN Sec. Gen (Ghana)----Impact Value = 38.2---Decade 2000-2010
  • Maggie Doyne—Founder of The BlinkNow Foundation (USA)----Impact Value = 38.9---Decade 2010-2020
  • Muang Zarni–Human Rights Activist (Myanmar)----Impact Value = 38.7---Decade 2010-2020
  • Neil Turok– Physicist, Theorist (South Africa)----Impact Value = 39.2--- Decade 2000-2020
  • Nitesh Jangir– Student, Inventor (India)----Impact Value = 37.9--- Decade 2010-2020
  • Peter Higgs– Scientist, Discoverer (United Kingdom)----Impact Value = 39.1--- Decade 2010-2020
  • Professor Yanghee Lee—UN Special Rapporteur to Myanmar (South Korea)----Impact Value = 39.8---Decade 2010-2020
  • Pushpa Basnet—Social Worker (Nepal)----Impact Value = 38.9---Decade 2010-2020
  • Qadhi Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi –Phenomenologist, Research Scientist, Polymath (Pakistan)----Impact Value = 39.3--- Bi-Decadal 2000-2020
  • Rayvon Stewart– Student, Inventor (Jamaica)----Impact Value = 37.9--- Decade 2010-2020
  • Stephen Soldz–Psychologist (US)----Impact Value = 39.9---Decade 2000-2010
  • Steve Brachmann– Journalist (US)----Impact Value = 36.6--- Decade 2010-2020